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Meet Dr. Quana Tribble Jackson, PT, DPT

Hello! My name is Dr. Quana Tribble Jackson, but you can call me Dr. Q! I am a native of Charlotte, NC and I’m excited to help women in the community that I grew up in! I graduated from Howard University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Allied Health Science and I obtained my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Emory University in 2011.

I first became interested in pelvic health physical therapy right after PT school. I had the privilege of shadowing a Women’s Health physical therapist and got a glimpse of how many problems women undergo with their pelvic floor that have a huge impact on their life. It wasn’t until I delivered my oldest son that I, too, felt the many changes our bodies go through while carrying and caring for a baby. Fast forward 8 years to the birth of my second son, and I needed a pelvic floor therapist myself, to help my body heal. I felt as if my body had fallen apart and didn’t know how to properly function anymore.

It brings me so much joy to know that I get to help women stay strong during pregnancy, properly prepare for labor and delivery, help with postpartum recovery, and address other pelvic floor dysfunctions that interfere and prevent them from showing up as their best self everyday. 

How I Can help you

I believe in curating the best treatment plan for you by seeing you, listening to you, and working with you.

Are you currently pregnant?

Are you experiencing pelvic pain or discomfort?


Are you experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction?

Do you leak when you cough or run? Experience painful sex? Feel a bulge in your vaginal canal?

Pelvic Health

Are you a new mom?

Do you have C-section scar pain? Do you have leakage? Do you feel a bulge in your vaginal canal? Do you have diastasis recti?


Telehealth & Wellness Services

Live in North Carolina, but not located in Charlotte…it’s ok! We provide telehealth therapy that allows you to address your pelvic floor concerns from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t live in North Carolina…it’s ok! We offer wellness services to our out of state clients to address diastasis recti, preparation for childbirth with safe and effective exercises, and postpartum recovery following childbirth.

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